Portable Solar Power Generators for the Home, Road, & Field.

Renewable Solar Power Generators

Perigee Power Solutions is the source for renewable solar power generators & inverter solutions. Since 2010 we’ve offered flexible field ready solutions – supporting a wide range of application and power requirements. Designing your own system? We have the hardware you need with the best prices on the materials along with a complete product line of inverters, solar panels, batteries, controllers, and cabling.

Shop our product line to find some of the best power solutions on the Net. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Tell us, we’ll do our best to beat prices and offer reliable alternatives.

Renewable Solar Power Generators

  • Do not require gasoline, are safe for indoor use

    • Zero exhaust is zero fumes, use your power safely with confidence.
    • Renewable & Cost Effective – Pays for Itself.
    • Stealthy Operation – Runs Quiet with No Noise Impact.
    • Unlimited Application for the Home, Road, & Field.
  • User friendly, simple to use with an adaptive flexible design

    • Add additional solar panels to improve recharge rate.
    • Connect auxiliary batteries to increase run-time.
    • Flexible & Versatile – Perigee kits feature a user configurable 12V multi-port.
    • Charge up with pure & free sunlight or standard US wall chargers.
  • Emergencies & Everyday Use

    • Home Applications – 120VAC Backup Power:
      • Refrigerators & Freezers
      • Water Generators
      • Pellet & Induction Stoves
      • Computers
    • Road – Travel and Recreation:
      • Auto & RV
      • Boating & Sailing
      • Camping, Hunting, & Fishing
      • Bug Out Gear
    • Field – Work Remotely for a Living:
      • Scientific & Academia
      • Medical Equipment
      • Disaster Preparedness
      • Military & National Guard (UAV\UGV)
      • Communications HAM\SAT\FM Radio
      • Security Lighting & Remote Surveillance
  • Save Money &Build Your Own Solar Power Solution!

    • Shop our Selection of Inverters, Solar Panels, Batteries, & Charge Controllers!
    • Design a Power Solution for your requirements.
    • Made in the USA with RoHS & CE Certified components.
    • One year manufacturer warranty on all AIMS inverters.
  • We bought one of your 201 Expeditionary kits last year and have successfully operated throughout the season - awesome! Thanks again for a great product.
    Renton's River Adventures
  • This product is awesome! We can power a laptop with aircard all day long by solar power and long into the night on the battery that can charge while you use your device. Go green in a big way for all outdoor activities. We use this at wpaz 1370 am radio for our remote broadcasts. It is awesome. Perigee has great customer support. I highly reccomend this product for anyone looking for more then just a battery. Two thumbs up to this product!
    Boyertown, PA
  • This thing (the 201) is just so cool. I bought it for earthquake preparedness, since power often goes out in major earthquakes. I'm not expecting to power my refrigerator from it. But lots of small electronics have become integral to our lives, and in particular to communications, which will be critical in an emergency. I don't want to store gas in the house for a gas powered generator (earthquakes lead to fires, plus gasoline in house = bad). But the one thing I'm sure we'll still have after an earthquake is the sun. This device is so ridiculously simple to operate. My 7 year old took one look at it and figured out where the plugs connect. It's perfect for what I wanted it for, and works exactly as advertised.
    Bear, DE
  • This item (also the 201) is extremely portable, durable, versatile and easy to use. We take it with us to various outdoor vending events. We put the solar panel up and by nightfall we have enough power to light our booth all night. It is a nice alternative to a generator and much more quiet! It is a must have!
    Jemez Springs, NM
  • Thank you so much for your professionalism and outstanding service! Another reason to brag on Perigee. I'm convincing my father & uncle to purchase a kit from you too, they saw mine after I told them about it & really like its functionality/usefulness.
    La Mesa, CA
  • This item is extremely portable, durable, versatile and easy to use. We take it with us to various outdoor vending events. We put the solar panel up and by nightfall we have enough power to light our booth all night. It is a nice alternative to a generator and much more quiet! It is a must have.
    Philadelphia, PA
  • I received my kit and I'm very happy! Your company is great.
    Baltimore, MD
  • Perfect for my desired usage and delivered way ahead of scheduled date. took it to the beach to power music player and to do some charging for phones etc. probably had 20-30 people inquire about it over the weekend. Perigee should get quite a few orders over the next few days.
    Lakeland, FL
  • I have been using the Perigee Power Solutions Basic kit for over a year now. I am extremely satisfied with its performance, ruggedness, workmanship and design. I am a professional communications engineer and I use it in the field to power radio systems, laptops, gadgets, phones etc etc the list goes on. I demand a lot out of this unit and it just keeps giving me what I need to get the job done. The flexi-solar panel gives me the recharge that I need for those long 12 hour days. I will be upgrading to larger units from Perigee. Whether you need their units for simple power solutions for the home or you need that proffesional grade solution, this unit (and their others) fits the bill. Fantastic Product and Fantastic Support.
    Cedar Creek Defense
  • One of the best things I've bought in years, arrived quickly, safely packed.
    Lynnwood, WA
  • Very solid product. Indestructible case, solar panel completely charged the system in about 3 hours. Does what it says it does; even my skeptical 20-something-college grad was impressed.
    San Jose, CA