Portable Solar Generator Quantico Kit 300 Watt 120VAC-12VDC
Model 301-15 300W AC
November 21, 2015
75W Panel
12/24V P3 Solar
January 15, 2016
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Portable Solar Generator Potomac Kit
Portable Solar Generator Potomac Kit
Portable Solar Generator Potomac Kit
Portable Solar Generator Potomac Kit
Portable Solar Generator Potomac Kit
Portable Solar Generator Potomac Kit

Model 301-28 300W AC


Portable Solar Generator Potomac Kit 300W

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Portable Solar Generator Potomac Kit 300W 28Ah

The Portable Solar Generator Potomac Kit is an upgraded version of the 301-15 Quantico Kit. This model provides 300 Watts of continuous electronics safe 120VAC power. 12VDC available via marine grade socket and a configurable Anderson multi-port.  The kit may be charged via solar input using the on-board controller. Want to do battery maintenance on the grid? Perigee kits support charging via compatible AC wall adapters. The long life AGM battery provides 28 Amp hours of service and simultaneously powers both AC & DC outlets. Batteries are sealed standard lead-acid. Entire unit operates in any position and is FAA approved safe for flying. This kit includes a flush mount adapter for your USB devices.

Several kit panel variations are available for the 301-28. Default configuration ships with a 50 Watt flex panel. We offer a 100 Watt flex panel for added battery support. Folding panels are available for restricted space requirements. Already own a compatible solar panel? A kit option with “no panel” is available.

Perigee Power Solutions kits are easy to use. Built tough for wilderness field work. Designed for plug and play operations day & night. Durability, weight manageable, & designed for scaling up. No toxic fumes or exhaust means you may safely use indoors.

See our Calculator page for help finding your estimated device run-recharge times.

Ships ready to run – out of the box including:
  • 28Ah Deep Cycle Battery
  • Solar Panel Options
    • 50W Flex (2.3 lbs)
    • 100W Flex (5.25 lbs)
    • 50W Folding
    • No Panel
  • Solar Controller 12V 20A (240W)
  • 120VAC rated at 300W continuous
  • 12VDC marine grade plug
  • Cables & Connectors
  • Fuse Protection
  • Battery Status Display
  • 2A USB Adapter
  • Housed in a Plano All Weather Hard Case
  • Designed to survive real world field use.
  • Scales up to meet your requirements.
  • Modular battery pack is:
    • ATC Fuse Protected.
    • Fitted with Power Pole connectors.
    • Sealed SLA operates in any position.
    • FAA “OK to fly”.
  • Supports up to 240W solar input.
  • Electronics safe pure sine wave, STD US 60Hz.
  • Multiport for accessories & DIY enthusiasts.
  • Keyed & color coded connectors.
  • Bright LEDs clearly visible day or night.
  • Model Number 301-28
Portable Solar Generator Potomac Kit 300 Watt 120VAC-12VDC


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Additional Information
Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 14 x 10 in

100W Flex, 50W Flex, No Panel, 50W Folding