• Step 1

    Provide your solar panel/array total wattage.
  • Step 2

    Provide your battery total Amp Hour (Ah) rating.
  • Calculate
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    Use this to find conversion rates for Volts, Amps, & Watts.

  • Calculate for Current (I) I = P / E (Watts / Voltage = Amps)
  • Calculate for Power (P) P = E * I (Voltage * Amps = Watts)
  • Calculate for Voltage (E) E = P/I (Watts / Amps = Voltage)
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Calculator Notes:

  • “NaN’ means “Not a Number” and results from an incorrect input.
  • This calculator cannot account for all battery performance variables and is for estimating purposes only.
  • If calculating for 120VAC, include the inverter “no load” rate (from the product spec) for a more accurate estimate.
  • “Ah” means Amp Hours and is a rating used to indicate “size\capacity” of a battery.
  • When figuring AC power duration remember the inverter wattage rating should match\exceed the wattage rating of the thing you’re powering.
  • When verifying panel wattage use the panel spec sheet to find Vmp (voltage maximum power) & short circuit current (amps).
    • Use the Vmp value taken at a nominal operating temp multiplied by the amps value…,
    • This derives an non-adjusted panel wattage that doesn’t include loss (i.e. – cable & diode)
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