Aesthetically Pleasing Wind Power – Make It So!

Wind Power Tree Shaped Turbines by NewWind

Sometimes you just feel like the really cool things pass you by, you’re left wondering – “when did this happen?”.

When I saw this approach to wind turbines from NewWind – that’s what I thought. I stopped looking at wind power. Not because it’s not worthy, just because it’s typically a huge project for a small business. It takes the typical resolution of utilities\state\local\gov’t red tape, installation, etc etc. And those turbines – even the small ones are lets face it – ugly. The cylinders are “not-so” ugly but generally less efficient unless it’s a monster, then you’re right back to “ugly”.

Then I saw this – I thought what a cool idea! Have you ever seen those Cell Towers they dress up like huge trees. It’s an R&D experiment that basically “hides” a cell tower in plain sight. First time I saw that I thought cool idea but it still looks weird. These wind turbines are not weird, but so good at aesthetically blending colors and a natural tree shape – yeah cool idea!¬†Even if this is a baby step – it’s got lots of potential. Check it out!



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