The Meaning of those Kit LEDs

On both the 101 & 201 first year production runs we used the LEDs built into the 3A solar controller to indicate kit status. We later adopted an LED status bar to show battery voltage level and moved the controller completely under the dash because multiple displays were both redundant and confusing. Eventually we moved to an all digital voltage monitor which is what we use today in the 201 kit.

A recent customer call made us realize that some folks are still using the original 101 model with the three LED display. While we think this is awesome it also showed us the original documentation didn’t cover the LED meaning in much detail. So – here are the specs for that controller.

Power: 12V 3A 36W (MAX: 12V 4A 48W)
Assembly mode: SMD approach, fine technology
Basic protection: 14.4V pulse charge (MAX.14.8V protection, MIN.10.9V protection)
Charging Voltage: 15-30V
Discharge Type: 24-hour output
Protect Object: 12V lead-acid battery (or any 12V battery)
Main Function: over charge, over discharge, overload, lightning protection, anti-reflux and anti-anti-charge
Application Range: 12V DC 48W Solar PV Power System.

  • Solar LED: Red – Charging, Green – Fully Charged
  • Battery LED: Red – Low, Green – Good
  • 12V LED: Red – Controller Active
Used with all light & medium duty kits including the 201 Expeditionary

Used with all light & medium duty kits including the 201 Expeditionary

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