Tesla Offers SolarCity 2.6 Billion Dollars

Tesla offers SolarCity 2.6 billion dollars

After recently having SolarCity come to my house for an evaluation, I was wondering when this would happen.

You may wonder why a solar business such as Perigee Power would call upon SolarCity. We don’t do installations. We provide the hardware and that’s it. Our products are no different from going into your local hardware store and buying a generator. Simple and straight-forward.

Getting up with SolarCity, took several attempts. Bounced emails and dead phone lines (on their end) before I finally just went to HomeDepot to ask someone in their kiosk. One day later I had a rep at my door. Bottom line was even though it would save money over the current electric bill, it was only a measly $9 a month. Now before you start in with the questions – this savings would increase over time. SolarCity locks you into a “rate for life” deal whereas the electric company will go up yearly.

Problem is that my roof is too small to allow for the PV coverage I’d need to make a “real” difference. Also, these are traditional rigid panels (or “sleek” as they call them) so they aren’t adaptable to a steep roof that has dormers, etc. Lastly, I’d have to cut trees that provide shade and minimize the need to run the AC. So I decided against the offer. I like my trees.

What was interesting during the presentation was a slide showing who SolarCity partners with – one of these was Tesla. We all know about the new home battery from Tesla, the Powerwall. So when Tesla offered to buy SolarCity for 2.6 billion – I was not surprised.

Click the link to check out the original story by David Goldman. It’s rather short but has a decent video worthy of a 10 minute distraction.

As for my house – I’m implementing my own solution with the hardware I sell through my own small business. Cheaper and far less headaches. When Tesla and SolarCity get their products in-line I’ll revisit it then. For now, $9 a month just isn’t worth it.

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