Solar Panels & Local Permits

Solar Panel Permit Hell

…why people say “meh” when oil prices drop

One of the original ideas we had about the portable solar generator was it would would be like going into your local hardware store and buying a gas generator, except you wouldn’t put gas into it. In other words, if you went to buy a “small” gas generator the guy at the register isn’t going to care or harangue you about what your intentions are for its use. You buy it, fill it up, start it, use it.

The solar generator provides the same freedom. Use is where and when you see fit, wherever the requirement exists. Go crazy – use it indoors, it won’t kill you like the gas generator will.

People always ask me about home installs, when we’re going to support that. Never. There are PLENTY of companies already doing that and they are welcome to it. Take a look at this doc, and the red tape associated with getting a solar permit just for panels. This is for a local county and doesn’t include the cost of getting a staff vetted, insured, etc. Chances are it’s different everywhere you go. New homes should be designed with solar as an option, not some after thought added on when the price of oil peaks.

You can walk around your home and make a list of the things you need to power off grid. Then take a 10 minute break and honestly review that list – then go revise it. Sum up the total wattage needed for your actual “needs” (understanding the difference between a need and a want is crucial) and then start looking at the hardware you need to support those items.

Not saying there isn’t a fun factor to all of this – it’s good to consider the stuff that makes downtime enjoyable. However, a key factor for the big stuff is your electrician and plumber. Talk to those folks – they’ll not only help you build the right system, they’ll help you build it right.

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