Solar Generator Kit Model KITB-1K12120-B1
1KW Solar Generator
12V Inverter Charger
August 9, 2016
Solar Generator Kit Model KITB-3K12120-B1
3KW Solar Generator
12V Inverter
August 18, 2016
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Solar Generator Kit Model KITA-3K24120-C1
Solar Generator Kit Model KITA-3K24120-C1
Solar Panel Ground Mount Rack
24V 240W AIMS Power Poly-Si Solar Panel
Vision 200Ah Deep Cycle
MPPT 60A Solar Charge Controller
MPPT 60A Parts (Anderson)
60A MPPT Solar Controller
Solar Generator Kit Model KITA-3K24120-C1

3KW Solar Generator
24V Inverter


Solar Generator Kit Model KITA-3K24120-C1


Solar Generator Kit Model KITA-3K24120-C1

…with Panel Ground Mount Rack

Solar solutions are perfect for the home, work shop, or remote cabin. Do you need remote power? Want to make hauling fuel part of history? Need a generator safe for indoor use? Silent with no noxious or dangerous fumes? Maintenance free solar generators are the solution. Solar Generator Kit Model KITA-3K24120-C1 includes:

SCC Features

Solar Charge Controllers regulate power from the solar panel array to the battery bank. MPPT controllers are the most efficient technology available to the consumer.

  1. Maximum Power Point Tracking.
  2. Average efficiency 30-60% – over PWM.
  3. 12V, 24V, 48V solar systems.
  4. Stackable for large solar configurations.
  5. Three charging stations: bulk, absorption, & float.
  6. See our product page for specs and video.

Inverter Features

  • Direct connect terminal block.
  • Multi-stage smart charger.
  • Current control switch.
  • Automatic transfer switch.
  • Dip-switch control settings:
    • Low voltage shutdown.
    • AC input range.
    • Power save mode.
  • 50/60Hz freq-switch.
  • Battery priority mode.
  • Surge 6000 Watts (20 Seconds)
  • See the product page for specs and video.

Model: KITA-3K24120-C1


  • 1ea: 3000W Pure Sine Inverter
  • 6ft: 1/0 AWG Inverter Cable
    • CBL06FT1/0AWG
  • 4ea: 200Ah Deep Cycle Duty Free AGM Batteries
  • 1ea: 2ft 1/0AWG Battery Cable Set
    • CBL02FT1/0AWG
  • 1ea: Battery Temp Sensor
  • 1ea: 60 amp MPPT solar charge controller
  • 1ea: 8ft Charge Controller Cable Set
    • CBL08FT6AWGC
  • 6ea: 240W solar panels
  • 1ea: 6 Panel Ground Mount Rack
    • PV6X240RACK
  • 200ft: PV cable
    • PVF100FT10AWG
    • PVM100FT10AWG
  • 1ea: 200 Amp Inline Fuse Kit
    • ANL200KIT
  • 3ea: 1ft Jumper for Battery & Fuse Kit
  • 2ea: 15ft PV Extension Wire
    • PVEXT15FT10AWG
  • 2ea: MC4 Branch (F to M)
    • PVMC4.A-2F1M
  • 2ea: MC4 Branch (M to F)
    • PVMC4.A-2M1F

Solar Generator Kit Model KITA-3K24120-C1.

Assembled in the USA.

Free shipping in the 48 contiguous states.

External Links Source Material:

  • Reference & comparison (MFG).
  • General information (Wikipedia).

Solar Generator Kit

Model KITA-3K24120-C1

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