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February 10, 2016
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Optional Inverter Remote Panel

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The perfect accessory for your AIMS Power Inverter. This newly designed remote power switch is a flush mountable design making for clean and simple installation. This remote also now features a dip switch allowing you to turn on or off the LED indicator light. Mount this remote to your dash, control panel, or access panel for quick and easy control of your AIMS Power inverter. Includes a 30 foot cord.


  • Inverter On\Off LED
  • Fault Condition LED
  • 30 foot connection cable



Compatible with the following models purchased after:
11/18/2014: PWRIX120012S, PWRINV500012W, PWRINV500024W, PWRINK5K24012W, PWRI5K22050
12/05/2014: PWRINV250024W
01/20/2015: PWRINV250012W
01/23/2015: PWRINV500048W
02/03/2015: PWRINV360012W, PWRI8K22050
03/26/2015: PWRINV8KW12V
04/01/2015: PWRINV10KW12V
04/15/2015: PWRINV1250W
06/19/2015: PWRINV200012W, PWRI60012S
06/22/2015: PWRINV500036W
07/07/2015: PWRINV12KW24V

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Additional Information
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 9 x 2 in