Portable Solar Generator Expeditionary Kit
Model 201-15 180W AC
February 4, 2015
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Micro Kit
Model 007


Portable Solar Charger


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Portable Solar Charger – Micro Kit 007

Looking for a solar charger capable of providing electricity without ever requiring fossil fuel? The 007 Kit is designed for light duty 12V electrical power – perfect for personal devices! Built into the NATO\MILSPEC tested Pelican 1150 our solar solutions are lightweight, compact, & tailored for multiple requirements.

The 007 is the perfect expedition & travel power pack for all your small devices. You will find small device solar chargers that use a panel as the charger all over the net – that’s only good if you’re able to leave your device in the sun, for hours. The included 12W folding panel is compact, extremely lightweight, and provides a fast charge rate. Working in the field with your radio during the day? Leave the 007 at camp, charging itself and\or powering the base radio – then upon your return in the evening recharge your hand-held radio for morning. Want to add AC power? Connect an inverter externally! If you already own a compatible solar panel (<=40W) the 007 is available for shipping without one.

Durable, lightweight, supports multiple configurations, scalable solar arrays, supports external battery augmentation & more. You won’t find a better field ready & flexible solution for your small device power needs than you will with Perigee Power Solutions. Inquire with us for additional info anytime.

  • Sealed 7.5Ah AGM Battery
  • Solar Panel Options
    • 12W Folding
    • 20W Folding
  • 3A Solar Controller
  • 12VDC marine outlet
  • Multiport (for DIY accessories)
  • Cables & Connectors
  • Fuse Protection
  • Battery Status Display
  • Model 007


  • Designed to survive real world field use.
  • Scales to meet your requirements.
  • Built into the world class tough Pelican 1150
  • 50W max solar input (panel sold separately).
  • Ships with a USB adapter.
  • In-line dash fuse for quick battery disconnect.
  • Keyed & color coded to prevent cross connection.
  • Supports Hanger 9 type 12V Battery Chargers.
  • Bright LEDs clearly visible day or night.
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Additional Information
Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 9.44 x 7.8 x 4.29 in

No Panel, 20W Folding, 12W Folding