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Perigee Medium Kit Cable
February 4, 2015
GP 301-28 Kit Battery Pack
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April 20, 2015
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Medium Duty Kit Battery Charger
600mAh AC charger w\ alligator adaptor
007 & 201 Kit AC Charger (28Ah max)

600mA Charger
Small & Medium Kits…


AC charger for light & medium kit battery charging.


AC Wall Charger for Medium Duty Kits with Battery Packs under 28Ah

Perigee Power Solutions provides a basic low amperage AC charger for use with your kits 12V battery. Charging status is indicated with an LED that illuminates during charge, and goes out once switched over to a trickle. Chargers connect to the Multi-port on the kit dash which connects directly to the battery, by-passing the solar controller.

For best results:

  1. Turn on the main power to enable the kits volt-meter so you may track your charging state.
  2. Disconnect the charger from the battery once you reach 13.5 volts DC.

Notes About Charging

After disconnecting from an extended charge it is normal for battery voltage to drop back into the 12V range. This is called normalization.

  • A 12V battery is “happiest” when it’s voltage is in the 12V range.
  • A batteries lowest\highest voltage points should not exceed 10.5V\14.5V respectively.
  • The charger may become very warm during operation, this is normal.
  • Always use your charger in a clutter free environment.
  • Disconnect from both the kit interface and the AC outlet when not in use.
  • Red is for Positive, Black is for Negative

We also have provided an alligator attachment for the charger that supports its use for other applications. These 600mAh chargers are safe for use with Perigee products but as with any battery under charge, follow all manufacturer’s recommendations for the type of battery you’re charging. 

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Weight 1.0 lbs