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Dielectric Silicone Grease
Dielectric Silicone Grease
Dielectric Silicone Grease
Dielectric Silicone Grease

Dielectric Grease
5oz Tube Silicone


Dielectric Silicone Grease 5oz

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Dielectric Silicone Grease

Dielectric Silicone Grease by Dynatex® is a silicon dioxide thickened, very high molecular weight dimethyl polysiloxane based material. It is an extremely stiff, tacky, tenacious water repellent compound, even to seawater.

Outstanding high temperature and vacuum capabilities as well make this dielectric silicone grease helps the choice for preventing corrosion on battery terminals, solar panel cable connections. Keeps moisture out of sensitive electrical connections. Many uses including spark plug wires, connectors, trailer hitch connections and other areas that may be exposed to water, condensation, or corrosion. Excellent for preventing corrosion on battery terminals and lugs. Has a wide temperature range zero-liquefy property at higher temperatures. Including summer heat. Well suited for use in wet or very humid areas. Perfect for marine applications. Used by the US Navy uses for outdoor antenna connectors. Silicone, not petroleum based. Will not flow or “drip” at high temperatures. Safe on nearly all plastics and rubber including Viton O-Rings.


  • Moisture proof
  • Resists acid and alkalines
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Prevents fusing of spark wires to spark plugs
  • Ideal for automotive and marine applications
  • Displaces moisture in ignition and electrical systems
  • Maintains its consistency in extreme temperatures
  • Keeps battery terminals corrosion free
  • Prevents voltage leakage


  • Appearance Translucent paste
  • Penetration (Worked 60X) 240
  • Bleed (2000C-24 Hrs) 0.1%
  • Evaporation (2000°C-24Hrs) 0.6%
  • Dielectric Strength (50 mil) 710 V/mil
  • Dielectric Constant (1 KHz) 2.9
  • Volume Resistivity (Ohm-cm) 4.5 X 1013
  • Dissipation Factor (1 KHz) 0.0005
  • Specific Gravity 1.03
  • Temperature Range-40 to 2000°C (-40 to 4000°F)

pdficon_large    Dynatex Dielectric Specs

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Additional Information
Weight .31 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 3 in