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AIMS Power has recently completed a new series of videos aimed at a cleaner marketing approach for their products and a revamp for their website. We’re adding these videos along with the products as they become available and to date, about 98% of the inverter\charger products include a well-done professional clip giving you a great understanding of the product without forcing you to read a bunch. Kinda like this blog is doing now.

I digress…

In the inverter products section you’ll find a new vid from the companies owner. I have never met the man, but I have been using their hardware for 5 years. All without incident (except the one time I flood a 1KW inverter in a demo kit – yeah, that voided the warranty). Five years of product exposure with real field use application and zero manufacturing failures – that’s impressive. The new video give you a nice look into the product line which includes solar hardware, cabling, connectors, all the stuff you need to make a power solution that meets, and exceeds your requirements.

More on the heavy kits and their new product vids soon!

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