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Portable Solar Generators, Zero Over-Engineering.


In 2009 our engineers observed the need for a reliable field ready renewable power source capable of charging itself & simultaneously powering\charging something else. In other words, a portable solar generator. At the time, the best anyone could find on the market were small device chargers that relied solely upon solar energy and that could only charge or discharge, not simultaneously. That usually meant charging your “solar charger” for several hours before you could actually use it to charge your device. On top of that – these tiny gizmos were expensive! So – we built the system we wanted for ourselves and in 2010 Perigee Power Solutions was officially formed.

Why use a “charger” when what people really need is a generator! The fact is, “generator” is not technically correct. We use an inverter to change direct current into alternating current. The marketing guru’s upstairs said that “Solar Inverter” was confusing the real functionality (it didn’t sound cool) so the solar generator was coined. Today it’s the norm that everyone gets.

These days, solar generators are all over the net. What sets us apart from the competition? We are not a mass production shop or a super store seller. Our shop produces better quality than our competitors because we do not “batch test” components. We can rival our gas generator counterparts as well as integrate with them and support other alternative energy sources. Our promise, our commitment to you:

  1. You will never receive re-purposed hardware. All materials are brand new minus testing time applied to every product.
  2. We shall perform unit testing on every component during the assembly process for all our products.
  3. We shall perform integration testing on every product prior to packaging for shipment.
  4. We shall adhere to appropriate processes based upon CMMI System Engineering model.

When you buy a generator you expect it to work when you need it – so do we. We encourage you to shop around and contact us with any questions. We are always available to talk tech & provide an honest evaluation.  Thank you for your interest in Perigee Power Solutions!

In 2016 Perigee Power Solutions expanded to support the Do It Yourself enthusiast by adding a full line of inverters, panels, controllers, and all hardware needed to construct your own solution. We continue to offer the best quality at competitive prices and if you find another seller with same hardware for less, we’ll match\beat their pricing. Just send us the relevant information via email.

Materials on this site listed as Perigee Power Solutions products are owned, maintained & populated entirely by the engineers that build the products sold here. Any third party distributors are identified including some with external links (to their respective website) for pricing comparison. Additional hardware\technical information may be linked to external websites such as Wikipedia. Perigee Power Solutions is not responsible for content found on externally linked sites, it is provided for your research and reference only.

Perigee Power Solutions strives to maintain pricing & product description accuracy but reserves to change this information without notice as the market demands. All Rights Reserved.


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